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About The Artist

Carl Hunter, a “self-taught” artist, was born in Southern California.  He has lived & studied in such cities as Paris (France), New York City (USA), San Francisco (USA), and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and has traveled to many other cities throughout North America, the islands of Hawaii, Europe, South America, Central America, India, Southeast Asia and the Caribbean to appreciate fine art and natural gemstones of all kinds

In 1992 he made his home on the sunny island of St. Thomas, in the U.S. Virgin Islands, where he lived for close to 10 years before making his way to New York City.

Carl showed artistic abilities of “abstract expressionism” in sculpting and drawing at a young age and has always been fascinated with natural gemstones.  He began prospecting and collecting gemstones as a child.  As an adult he has been in the gem business since 1986 and works with cutting edge jewelry designers, jewelry manufacturers, diamond manufacturers, diamond and colored gem dealers, gem miners, and gem cutters.

From 1994 to 2002 Carl was an ambassador for the prestigious award winning Brazilian jewelry company “Amsterdam Sauer”, three-time winner of the coveted DeBeer’s International Diamond Award.

Today Carl Hunter works with a variety of different art mediums and particularly enjoys Acrylic Paint with Diamonds, & FUSION Art.  His works are in private collections in ChinaIndia, the Caribbean, and throughout the U.S.A.

In 2002 and 2003 Carl won an “Award Of Merit” and a “Showcase Award”for his entries in National Art Contests conducted by MANHATTAN ARTS INTERNATIONAL in New York City.

In March of 2003 Carl had his first exhibit in Manhattan, NYC..Carl has always loved the ocean and living in the tropics.  This love and appreciation for nature, the molecular structure of crystals, and the order and grandeur of the Universe has also influenced the style of artwork he creates.  Carl uses his pencil, ink pen, paint brush, digital paint brush or natural gemstones to create colorful displays of cosmic fluidity that are absolutely mesmerizing and must be seen up close in full size in order to appreciate all the fine detail.  His passion for life is clear to see in his artwork.



This was Carl’s first attempt to create a “free-hand” drawing, which he did in about 2 hours at the age of eight, having had no formal art schooling or instruction.

Medium: Colored Pencil on paper

Size: 8 1/2″ x 11″

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7 Replies

  1. ananur forma Mar 27th 2010

    I like your art very much……….maybe you knew my friends in St. Croix. I wish you all the best. Your art is terrific and I’m glad you’re doing drawings, I like them too.

  2. Karen Grass Mar 30th 2010

    Everytime I view your work I fall in love with it even more. You have a beautiful gift and I personally Thank You very much for allowing me the privilege of sharing your talent and gift.

  3. Isidra Person-Lynn Sep 2nd 2010

    Wandering through your website was enlightening and enjoyable. I love it when artists combine their art with technology. You are multitalented and it shows!

  4. Rosalea Jun 24th 2011

    Multi-faceted–that’s you and that’s me. I left NYC (as well as LA, Cincinnati, Denver, KC) eons ago to return home to native redneck Kansas. I musta been out of my mind? But nature is incredible in Kansas and one’s soul becomes exceedingly rich. Bring a friend or two and come visit… creative folks could have a seasonal cottage here for next to nothing! It would expand your mind! And I’d have someone to talk to now and then who knew what the hell I was talking about! Let’s start a prairie art movement in the center of nothingness! It would be noticed!

  5. So interesting the life and art you have created! I was born in Brazil and would love to hear more about your time there.

  6. Hello:)
    I just subscribed to your site….Great Art work!
    All the Best to you!

  7. Helen Watts Oct 24th 2020

    I have followed your art from its beginning, watching you grow, emerge, and evolve as an artist and as a person. Each of your works evokes a strong emotional, visceral response that invites me to dig in and explore. I always love to see what’s next!

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