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“Healing Power Of Art” Contest Entries

Thank you all so much for your input in helping me choose my six Light In Motion entries in the “Healing Power Of Art” International Contest conducted by Manhattan Arts International.  The creativity in your individual perspectives and interpretations is inspiring to me, and to everyone who reads them.

I received hundreds of comments from all of you and I really appreciate the support. It was tough to narrow my entries down from 38 to 6 and your input assisted me in a big way.

The Exhibition Dates are May 10, 2010 – September 10, 2010.

Thanks again,


Here are the final six entries that I submitted.


International Art Contest

Hi to all you wonderful people out there in the world.

I am entering an International Art Contest on April 25th.

The theme is “The Healing Power of Art”, and it is being held by Manhattan Arts International.

International Art ContestThe Healing Power of ART is undeniable.  The purpose of this contest is to promote ART and all aspects of CREATIVITY and its vital importance to healing individuals and the planet.

I am writing this to ask if you would visit my site and post a comment or comments.  It can be very brief if you’d like.  I am endeavoring to get as many visitors and comments as I can before the contest on April 25th.

The artwork I will be submitting is one piece from each category of the “Light In Motion” series on my site.  The problem is I have 8 categories and I can only submit 6 pieces in this style.   So I would like to get your feedback so that I can submit the most popular pieces.

It’s not yet confirmed but I may also be entering one of my Paintings with Diamonds as well.

I would really appreciate it if you would send this out to all your friends, family and Facebook or Twitter lists.

The more the better.  Thanks so much.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Have a Super Fantastic Day!