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4 Replies

  1. Che Hennessy Oct 31st 2012

    Hi my name is Che’ and i am an artist from Melbourne, Australia. I have a massive body of work that has never been shown apart from a few short clips on you tube, I received a contact in my you tube email and this is basically a follow up regarding that. I would love some help or information if you have any to help me get my art out there. As i said i have a large amount of work from drawings to paintings, and my work has never been viewed or sold, basically never seen. I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards. Che.

  2. cathy Nov 9th 2012


    Do you propose in the sale of jewels ( Pendants, bracelets
    or the other one ) in the effigy of your creations ?

    Thank you for answering me

  3. I can create art using all forms of jewels, jewelry and rough stones as well. Did you have something particular in mind?

  4. Hi Che,
    Thanks for you comments and request. Here is a link to some great resources to assist you in getting your art out there. I wish you all the best.