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Feeling Good By Creating Art

Feeling Good?


I have come to the conclusion that the most important thing for us in life is how we feel.  Period!  Since our point of attraction is our dominant vibration or feeling on any given subject at any given moment, then doing things that contribute to you feeling good becomes the highest priority from moment to moment all day long!

“So if my motivation is to feel good, and I do things that make me feel good, I become a magnet for other things that will make me feel good too?”

Yep!   How good is that!


So what exactly is it that opens up this doorway for you?


What do you do that makes you feel good?

Please leave a comment below.


This is one of the reasons I love to create art so much.  While I am on the journey of creating a piece, I continually expand my state of feeling good to new levels.

During the creative process, since there are infinite possibilities in any given moment, there seems to be no limit to how good I can feel.

I absolutely love the idea that I can take my creation in any direction that pleases me, and that no matter what I create, it will be something new and of my own design.  There is satisfaction in creating something from nothing, particularly if it makes you and others feel good.

Here is a new piece that I recently created that brought forth from me exactly what I described earlier.  It’s called, “Colorful Connections”.


Infinite possibilities. Infinite potential.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

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Colorful Connections

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