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To view the Magical Illusion qualities of this Artwork,
follow these simple steps:



Click Here to Download “Magic Spinner”

or jut use the one you see spinning here.



                  • Open the piece of art you wish to view.
                  • Open the spinner file in another window, or use the one above.
                  • Sit about 24 inches from the screen.
                  • Look into the center of the Magic Spinner for 30 seconds.
                  • Switch to the window showing the piece of artwork.
                  • You will see the artwork come alive!


Try it, & have fun!

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2 Replies

  1. Carl,
    You are an amazing artist. You have so many forms of expression! I especially like the psychedelic mandala-type giclees you do. The mediums where you melt one color into another in a sort of spectrum are very powerful.

  2. joyce hunter Mar 27th 2010

    I tried the magic spinner and WOW!!!! What a ride!!!

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