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Light In Motion

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10 Replies

  1. The moving light pics are very cool . . . . . . . . Moving crowds and star streamers are very, very cool.

  2. Marguerite Gleeson Mar 27th 2010

    The creativity and artistry blew me away. I have already chosen several favorites. It’s not possible to choose only one piece. I love
    the use of light and color in such a unique way.

  3. OOOOOOhhhh! I like these. Are these the ones in the contest. I’ve picked my favorites. Bankok Nights (2,3), Purple Haze (1,3), Salon Streets(1), Spinning Spider(1,2), and Star Streamers(1,2,4).

  4. I really like “Purple Haze,” “Salon Streets,” and “Star Streamers!” Proud of you. You’re awesome and I like your creations!

  5. Conrad Mar 27th 2010

    Really not my type of preferred art, however that said,
    I do like the last two Star Streamers and the first, third and fifth Salon Streets. Wouldn’t mind having those up in my own home.

  6. Leslie Mar 30th 2010

    What fun and beautiful pieces! I especially like Electric Green #1 and Salon Streets #3.

  7. Magnifique, Carl!! I loved Light In Motion (and your paintings.) Stunning range of colors, texture and media. Your talent shines through everything – but the following struck an immediate chord for me, given your titles: Bangkok Nights-3; Electric Green-1; Moving Crowds-4; Purple Haze-1; Salon Streets-4; Star Streamers-1. Even online, the images are vibrant; I can only imagine what they look like “in person”.

  8. Ramiro Mora Apr 20th 2010

    All of them were very interesting and certainly a very refreshing style of photography. My favorite were Purple Haze, Bangkok nights and spinning spider. The last one of Star Streamers I really liked as well. Nice stuff, keep the creative juices flowing 🙂

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