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Bangkok Nights


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15 Replies

  1. Ary.Vee Mar 27th 2010

    Certainly this collection is vibrant! My personal favorites are the third and last piece. In the third one, I see the Thinker, but both pieces possess a repetition that is natural and captivating to the eye.

  2. Irv Johnson Mar 28th 2010

    I really love the spacial effects and the play of lights in “Bangkok Nights”. More comments to come… 🙂

  3. cheeranant Aksornthai Mar 29th 2010

    The second and third remind a night filled with music, light, sound, amidst the darkness and at the same time. Send reflects keep aware of danger around

  4. Amazing colors, and design. Nice pieces.

  5. Marguerite Gleeson Mar 30th 2010

    the last piece is the one I like the best

  6. Steve J. Apr 2nd 2010

    I’ve seen some of your work and know you personally to be a very multi-talented artist, but your website has really opened my eyes to the range of your impressive talent. Thee Bankgkok Nights pieces are really stunning.

  7. Nancy H. Apr 18th 2010

    These are beautiful – reminds me of old fashioned ribbon candy – which takes me back to my childhood – it’s Christmas and I feel happy!!!

  8. Suzanne Apr 18th 2010

    i’ve never been to bangkok, but somehow through these i get an idea of what the experience might be like…
    the 2nd one makes the city look like the destination of a traveler…like a sort of crazy amusement park where the traveler gets whipped up in the sounds, the lights, the vibrations, and all the craziness…

  9. I love the images in this series, it’s very sexy and serene.

  10. Danielle B Apr 19th 2010

    I am always mesmerized by your ART Carl!!! This is one of my collections of the 8! My favorite in this collection is #1.

  11. I particularly like the fourth piece. The figures remind me of dancers.

  12. Linda Lou Apr 20th 2010

    I love Bangkok Nights! For some reason it reminds me of the ocean…and I love the ocean

  13. Karen Grass Apr 20th 2010

    This collection looks like laser lights dancing to a wonderful full string orchastra. So hard to choose – but if I were going to show these I would definately use #3 & #4. But then . . . .

  14. Nancy H. Apr 20th 2010

    Looking at these pictures again – #1 somehow makes me think of glass art. I can actually feel the smoothness of the glass. Beautiful.

  15. joyce hunter Apr 20th 2010

    I think my most favorite on this page is the last one #5.

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