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Moving Crowds

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13 Replies

  1. Happy purpose . . . take me away to a new and better place . . . makes me feel like I want to be part of the excitement.

  2. Ary.Vee Mar 27th 2010

    First and Fourth out of this collection.
    It’s the brushstroke effect that I’m endeared to.

  3. Jason V Apr 1st 2010

    I love the way that Carl uses different mediums to create amazing works that continue to awe inspire myself and others I expose to his site. Keep up the great work and the re-vamped site looks fantastic!!

  4. Angela Apr 15th 2010

    i love this series – especially the first one. .i can see the crowds

  5. Suzanne Apr 18th 2010

    i like these all together as a series…i experience a sort of progression from the top to the bottom piece: there’s the massive crowd, full of bodies and souls, and they start moving and encircling you, overwhelming almost, and then they engulf you…it’s hard to choose my favorite amongst these, but perhaps on it’s own, i’d choose number 2. in this one, i feel like i’m at the center of the moving crowd…

  6. Aaron Rashkin Apr 19th 2010

    This entire series is very captivating as it clearly display the invisible energy (akachords) that are present between souls all over the earth.

  7. Ira Black Apr 19th 2010

    I like #3, vibrant, good movement in the piece and a good mix of range in complimenting colors.
    Best of luck.

  8. Kelly Huentelman Apr 19th 2010

    The moving crowds series (especially #2) is my favorite because it reminds me of swirling sparklers around in the driveway on the 4th of July!

  9. Danielle B Apr 19th 2010

    This is one of my favorite collections of the 8. My favorites in the collection is #1 and #4.

  10. #1 looks like moving crowds others look like Morris Dancers

  11. Karen Grass Apr 20th 2010

    This is by far my favorite collection – I especially like #1 and #4, but it really is hard to make a choice.

  12. Trevor Apr 20th 2010

    Three and five personally.

  13. joyce hunter Apr 20th 2010

    My favorite is #4.

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