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Star Streamers

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11 Replies

  1. Ary.Vee Mar 27th 2010

    Number three is a bouquet! Inviting and warm, and familiar.


  2. The last two remind me of the carnaval. Fun!!!

  3. Hey Brotha–Love your site and the light in motion series is awesome! We should have a show in Nimble for ya….Just say the word.
    peace Daniel

  4. Marguerite Gleeson Mar 30th 2010

    #4 is the one I love in this category

  5. Cynthia Apr 6th 2010

    Of the series I like moving crowds; salon streets and this. I wish you the best.

  6. #1 full of life

  7. Nancy H. Apr 18th 2010

    This series is my absolute favorite – like summer, carnivals and fireworks. So vibrant, alive, fun, full of color and playful.

  8. Suzanne Apr 18th 2010

    i love the colors in these pieces. number 2 looks like a fiesta to me…i also like that it’s composition reminds me of painted folk art…

  9. Danielle B Apr 19th 2010

    This is one of my favorite collections of the 8. My favorite in this collection is #1

  10. Jason V Apr 20th 2010

    This collection is so vivid with multiple colors and it sparks memories of many enjoyable nights full of fireworks. It was a hard decision, but this is also my favorite out of all of the collections!!

  11. joyce hunter Apr 20th 2010

    Looove! #1.

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