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Connecting Lives


Original: Acrylic Paint on Canvas Panel

  • Giclee
  • Full color archival inkĀ on high quality artist’s canvas.
  • Signed by the artist.

SIZE: 20″ X 16″ (unframed)

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4 Replies

  1. Although this is modern, it feels ancient, tribal. The black border really accentuates the feeling of depth, but somehow there is a vertical component at the same time. I feel like I want to jump into the canvas and be part of whatever is going on.

  2. Trevor Mar 29th 2010

    Ok, this might be my favorite. Love the three dimensional feel, both ordered and chaotic and eery.

  3. Heidi Hultquist Apr 2nd 2010

    I love “connecting lives” absolutely beautiful! My favorite.The colors are great. I picture myself jumping from one platform to another then sitting on any one ledge and enjoying the view.

  4. Donna Tsiknas Apr 29th 2010

    I think of friends cascading in and out of our lives and how each color blends to the next friendship like we take a piece of each of our moments and friendships to nourish and impact the next… very thought provoking to me….ebb and flow.

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